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18 Dec 2017

Loving your beard means keeping it soft, shiny and clean all year long. And you do your best to keep your facial hair well most of the times except during festive season, when you decorate your husk with all the stuff that makes it colorful and dazzling. It's not uncommon for many bearded men to use glitter beard products to stand out in the parties and spread joy and enthusiasm wherever they go during holidays. Christmas beard accessories have given whole new dimension to the way men prepare for the parties.

However, christmas beard accessories, especially bear glitter, can leave your beard in a mess hours after the party is over. You eat foods and drink beverages which can leave their mark on your beard. So it is important that you clean them effectively to prevent your hair from getting damaged. Here are four ways to keep your beard fresh and clean even after decorating it with the most dazzling of beard decoration accessories.

1. Groom and Trim: Keep your mustache neatly rimmed especially around your lips. If you prefer to keep a thick and grown mustache, you can use a 'stache wax' that will help to keep your mustache hair together so that it doesn't hang in the way when you are savoring a delicious food. Bigger the beard , the more care it will need. You can visit your barber once a week to touch up your beard and mustache. Keeping your beard groomed and trimmed will ease your task of maintaining your beard pretty well.

2. Keep It Covered: No harm in trying a bib to protect your beard from catching dirt and dust. You can also tie a handkerchief or bandana around your chin for achiveing the purpose of keeping your beard really clean. Agreed, it might look funny but it ain't no fun in cleaning your beard day in and day out, but if you have an important meeting or interview scheduled after your lunch or breakfast, it's better to cover your beard while eating to prevent gross chunks of food from sticking in your beard. There are many important events for which you have to keep your beard at its cleanest, like wedding, dates, corporate meetings, functions, interview, etc. And always remember to head to the bathroom and check carefully if your beard is at its cleanest.

3. Use organic beard products: Always make it a point to use all-natural and organic beard oil to add luster to your beard as well as to moisturize your facial skin to reduce itchiness. Organic beard oil is free of any harmful chemicals which can cause damage to your skin as well beard hair. There are different types of organic beard oils to serve different purposes. Whether you're looking to promote beard health and hair growth or promote health of your facial foliage, there is beard oil to suit every need.

4. Tie and Tuck: You would not want to be in a situation where your long beard dips in your friend's food or drink, it's a party catastrophe that can cause you an embarrassment that can make sink your head in your knees with shame. So tie and tuck your long beard before it becomes the reason for your humiliation.


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